Super Onze releases one of their magical cassette recordings.  Digital | Worldwide.

Super Onze – Session pour Yehia Le Marabout. Gao, northern Mali ’94



Untill this day the west had only access to Super 11′s first official release Super Onze (Two Speakers 2011). The album feature tracks which have themes used by the musicians of Super 11 during different occasions; at home, at parties and for public gatherings. The people in West Africa are very aquinted to these themes. But not from this album, they actually witnessed Super 11 at public events, saw them on televison or heard the tunes at sessions done for radio broadcasts but also heard several tape releases. These tape releases are very difficult to find at the moment as the CD and mobile phones put aside the casette medium. The CD market dropped intensely so no more Super 11 recordings are available anymore. We at Two Speakers are proud to publish one of these tapes worldwide as it shows the true live vibe of a takamba session that never fatigues and can take for hours.

Session pour Yehia Le Marabout was recorded in ’94. It was an assignment done by Yehia, a famous marabout based in Gao who gave Super 11 several assignments. His last name we do not know alas and he died recently. The takes have no names. They are nothing but grand improvisations done for the marabout. What is so nice about this session that the accompagnment isn’t done only by calabash, but also with an iron pot. It gives the Takamba an extra metal buzz which ads perfectly to the sound of the vocalists exclamations. And when the tune evolves, the iron comes in and makes the takamba haunting more and more.

The main n’goni player on this tape is Super 11′s main man Yehia Mballa Samake. He is accompagnied by Le Petit Griot, another grand ngoni player who was part of Super 11. He died last year, shortly after the power siege of the narco terrorists in Gao. The calabash is played Mohamed Kara, also member of Super 11, and resident in Gao. We at Two Speakers met him once in 2008 when we visited Gao. The vocals are by Douma Maiga. He was a former member of Super 11 and died alas.

Nice to mention about the physical source tape, it was bought by the late Ali Farka Touré and his wife, Henriette Kuypers Touré. When on visit in Bamako and having some spare time they would venture to the home cassette factory of Samba Afro Cissé, a famous tape vendor who’s family operated several cassetteshops in Bamako and Mopti. He was the man to visit when in need of good source tapes in those days in Mali. We owe Henriette Toure Kuypers a lot for making a copy of this very tape.
This tape shows the true vibe of Super 11 at street in their hometown, including the hiss and maigre sound quality which belongs to this sound.
It’s the first official release worldwide that will actual be directly beneficial to themselves as they never earned anything directly from side sales of their recordings.

Buy here: Bandcamp

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Great Super 11 review. Magistralement Magique.

Super 11 - Review in les Inrocks























On Super 11: (French | English)

Achetez l’album ici | Buy the album here


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Super 11 – The album | Digitally available on Bandcamp

“At the first Festival of the Desert in 2000/2001 there were many musical revelations – Tinariwen’s trajectory has been well documented – but another very different group had a huge impact on me: Super Onze de Gao just played one rhythm, but what a rhythm! Devastating and unlike anything I’ve heard, the relentless beat from the two calabashes had the impact of the first time I heard the Burundi Beat, or the Musicians of Jajouka. Two distorted desert lutes circled around each other calling to mind Hendrix’s most trancey moments or Howlin’ Wolf’s band when their sound turns into a web of abstract groove. I love the way the Super 11 Album sounds, I love the rawness and distortion and the heavy calabash sound. This CD brings to the West for the first time the undiluted sound of the Takamba – Not for the faint hearted – it deserves to be heard by everyone who loves wild groove music with no limits.” – JUSTIN ADAMS.

“It is THE cd for takamba.  Great job! ” – BANNING EYRE Senior Editor @

Listen to the tracks and get your copy on the Super 11 page on Bandcamp



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Out Now: StreamerPilot – Red Sea Remixes EP.

StreamerPilot has have created a series of remixes/refreshes/refix’s that put global styles through on-the-button dance floor production. The perfect crossover – top quality, organic, accessible, worldwide and progressive. Their first Black Pepper EP release was well received and got heavily support from DJ’s such as Pathaan (BBC), Russ Jones (Future World Funk), Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network) and Rob Birch (Stereo mc’s). So get ready, here comes the Red Fever!

Featured support:
Simbad (Raw Fusion / Brownswood / Deja Vu fm UK): Karabiber will certainly get some play from my side , gr8 party tune !!
Mikael Palner (Urbanworld Rec Copenhagen): Great reinterpretations of classic tracks, solid work and good for the clubs. Will definitely support these.
Svendex / Dubclub Utrecht (NL) Excellent. Lovely EP. Like it all the way.

This is part two of a four part series to be released on Two Speakers Rec.

1. Boban Markovic – Sina Nari * StreamerPilot’s Sun Day refresh 4.09
Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars – Karabiber * StreamerPilot’s near Detroit refix by StreamerPilot

2. Burhan Ocal & The Trakya All Stars – Karabiber * StreamerPilot’s near Detroit refix 5.09
Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars – Karabiber * StreamerPilot’s near Detroit refix by StreamerPilot

3. Nidi D’arac – Quante Tarente * StreamerPilot’s when Rattled rmx 4.39
Nidi D’arac – Quante Tarente ~ StreamerPilot’s when Rattled rmx by StreamerPilot

Available on all major digital resellers; iTunes / Beatport / Juno etc.

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Mazaher ft. mps PILOT – Present Zar. Live in Cairo.

In April 2008 mps PILOT ventured to Cairo to work with Mazaher, a female trance group performing “Zar’, healing rituals. Mazaher perform weekly in Centre Nass Makan, THE centre for traditional egyptian music, based in Cairo. Mazaher is quite special. First because the group is mainly female (an exception in any music type) and second because Egyptian culture is heavily dominated by Arab influences. Sufism & Zar are very common but not in the open. Zar is healing music, its purpose is locating negative energy, mental problems, bloccades and releasing / transforming that into positive energy or simply a release. mps PILOT joined them in a Zar music performance with Laptop, controllers & samples. The aim was not to try to force the Zar sound to modern beats. It would lead to a spasmodic situation. With his electronics mps PILOT tries to transport Zar music to the future.

For more information on Mazaher or mps PILOT visit

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Two Speakers # 001

Yes its here. StreamerPilot’s Black pepper EP. As a production duo, StreamerPilot have now completed numerous remixes that fuse world music and contemporary dance floor production. Their first EP release Black Pepper will Rock your system with an Asian dubstep, a Klezmer electrotrack and an Occitanian dancefloor killer.

StreamerPilot's Black Pepper EPTracklisting:

1. Tigerstyle ft. Miss Rimpi – Bol! Bol! Bol! (StreamerPilot’s Dholstep mix) 5.06
2. Ot Azoj Klezmer Band – Turkish Honga (StreamerPilot’s Rare remix) 5.16
3. La Mal Coiffee – Filhas que ses a Maridar (StreamerPilot’s Out of Town remix) 5.42

recent support:

Rob Birch – Stereo Mc’s, London: The Tigerstyle remix grabbed me, interesting to hear these diverse influences!

Russ Jones – Futureworldfunk, London: The StreamerPilot is shooting down all opposition with this great remix for Tigerstyle.  Its band on the firing button.  Dirty , grimey and very different.  Big up.

Pathaan – BBC Asian network, London, I LIKE THIS RELEASE. Cool production + ideas !!!

Phil Horneman – Wicked Jazz Sounds, Amsterdam: Love the ‘Turkish Honga’ and ‘Bol! Bol! Bol!’, Keep up the good work!

Solo Moderna, Tilburg: YES ai, gonna give this a special place in my recordbag!

Get it here:

Also available on iTunes.

Black Pepper Remixes EP, track 1

Tigerstyle ft. Miss Rimpi – Bol! Bol! Bol! (StreamerPilot’s Dholstep mix) 5.06
StreamerPilot loves desi, the Punjabi groove sound created by so many talented UK producers. mps PILOT has been deejaying the style for years, and UK-born producer Streamer was looking to add some desi spice to his dubstep. So a StreamerPilot desi beat remix was always on the cards.
StreamerPilot approached the two Pakistani producers behind Tigerstyle, the UK’s leading desi beat outfit, to remix their Bol! Bol! Bol!. Tigerstyle’s original is an upbeat take on a Punjabi wedding song, featuring the talents of singer Miss Rimpi. StreamerPilot’s remix is progressive dubstep laced with those powerful female vocals, bringing the Tigerstyle sound to mainland Europe for the first time.

Black Pepper Remixes EP, track 2
Track 2, Ot Azoj Klezmerband – Turkish Honga (StreamerPilot’s Rare remix) 5.16
Klezmer music has long had an important place in the Dutch musical landscape. Top exponents of the genre the Ot Azoj Klezmer Band asked StreamerPilot to select a track to electrify for the dancefloor. StreamerPilot chose the joyful instrumental frenzy that is Turkish Honga. Their Rare remix starts off unassuming enough, then surges into uplifting, progressive techno bass with crashing snares topped off by a wild virtuoso gypsy violin solo.
Yet another track showing off StreamerPilot’s distinctive production style at its best.

Black Pepper Remixes EP, track 3
La Mal Coiffee – Filhas que ses a maridar (StreamerPilot’s Out of Town remix) 5.42
The superb original acapella by French Occitan group La Mal Coiffee gets a thorough reworking by StreamerPilot. They came across the track after a gig in Marseleille and fell in love with it. After a friendly e-mail exchange with the slightly bemused singers (what would two Amsterdam producers do to their traditional music?) they gave their blessing. Lucky they did, because it means you get to experience StreamerPilot’s Out of Town remix. Imagine: five sturdy heathen Occitanian women singers and a musical wizard behind harpsichord and laptop in a 22nd century nightclub.
Play in the midwinter… late… in the dark.

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StreamerPilot – Black Pepper EP.     ft. Remixes of Tigerstyle, Ot Azoj & La Mal Coiffee.

StreamerPilot's Black Pepper EP

StreamerPilot - The Black Pepper EP

Read more…

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